30 March 2006

Martin Bryant is not news. Official.

This article from Crikey points out some problems with political correctness.

A few in the media have pointed at an article on Martin Bryant in the Bulletin and concluded that it should not have been written. Apparently we should pretend that it didn't happen for fear of all the usual things.

Let's just put this in perspective.

It's 2006. Ten years since the Port Arthur Massacre.

This single act resulted in what is well and truly the greatest legacy that the Howard government will leave behind, that is, a government with enough guts to pursue gun control.

Yet the media is saying that a "well researched and written article" (Crikey) is not news?

Once again, Crikey is right on the money, here. What I don't get is that political correctness is being milked for popularity's sake (take a bow, Peter Blunden and Neil Mitchell).

Funnily enough, political correctness gone berzerk is what Blunden and Mitchell specialise in pointing out.

A strange old world, this one.

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