29 May 2006

Doggerel #1: "Supernatural"

Rockstar's Ramblings is another skeptical blog that I enjoy.

Their Doggerel series is a series that, I suspect, could go on for a while.

But the this series is immensely entertaining, and I hope it continues on for a good while.

I'm providing links to these so that I can have them all in the one place.

Hopefully, though, you'll all get to enjoy them, too.

Rockstars' Ramblings: Doggerel #1: "Supernatural"


Bronze Dog said...

Thanks for the link. I was planning on doing a Doggerel Index entry after #10, for the sake of convenience.

Topic suggestions are always appreciated, by the way.

Bronze Dog said...

Went ahead and made the index, along with a suggestion box.

Dikkii said...

Thanks for dropping by, Bronze Dog.

I'll have to think up an example for you.

Bronze Dog said...

Example handled.

Dikkii said...

And he has too.

Well done, BD.