25 July 2006

39th Skeptics' Circle

Yes it's up here at Mike's Weekly Skeptic Rant.

He's done a brilliant job, and the Scooby Doo theme is hilarious.

My highlight this time around is Aetiology's expose of the Discovery Institute's War On Science.

They've found a new weapon, and it appears to be global warming. I never knew that they were global warming denialists.

Elsewhere, as always, it is all good stuff.

Read it here:

Mike's Weekly Skeptic Rant - A Circle of Sleuthing Skeptics #39


Anonymous said...

That was a goodun'. I love Scooby...:)

I hadn't realised that the Discovery Institute was quite so pushy on the creationist theme either.

Dikkii said...

Actually, thanks to Intelligent Design, otherwise known as an all-encompassing form of creationism, I knew that they saw evolution as being evil (or, more likely, a possible Trojan Horse into the education system).

The Global Warming thing was a new one to me - I thought they'd go after the Big Bang first.

Although, Global Warming does guarantee some additional funding for them. Big business would love them for this.

Anonymous said...

I knew they liked ID and wanted it to be taught, I just didn't realise they were quite so rabid about it. I thought that was bit of a worry considering their influence.

The Global Warming thing was new to me as well though. It does seem to have almost a cultish sort of following though. Andrew Bolt at the Herald Sun would almost be funny if he didn't mean what he says about it. Maybe they thought they'd hook more believers with that one...

Dikkii said...

Ted wrote:

Maybe they thought they'd hook more believers with that one...

They're in it for something, that's for sure.

Probably more likely to be funding - certain big business interests would love to see more research showing less global warming.

And they'd fund it, too, even if the "research" itself was highly questionable. Or was eventually found to be non-existent.