18 August 2006

RRR Radiothon now on

We're rather fortunate in Melbourne. We have a very strong community radio network that few other Australian cities have.

We're fortunate enough to have 3RRR and 3PBS, two of the most eclectic radio stations you could ever listen to.

My good buddy Mohair Slim has a show on Sundays, Blue Juice on PBS where he just plays music that he's extremely passionate about, being soul, R&B (the real stuff), blues, jazz, ska and reggae from the 40's through to the 60's.

And this is fantastic stuff. It's not music that I'm 100% into, but the fact that he can play it is 100% excellent.

On other parts of the dial there is 3CR, which concentrates less on music and more on discussion and LOTEs, and 3MBS which is fully devoted to classical music.

There are other stations in Melbourne that are local to only a few suburbs, too.

These stations only exist through public subscription, and RRR has its annual radiothon on at the moment.

If you subscribe now, you go into prize draws where you can win tonnes of stuff.

Please support your community radio stations - if you don't, who will?

Live streams can be found here:


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