03 October 2006

Sleep deprivation

Amnesty International says sleep deprivation is torture.

Attorney-General Phillip Ruddock says it is not.

Ruddock does not agree that sleep deprivation is one of the cruelest and inhumane punishments there is. That's because Ruddock is one of the nastiest pieces of work to ever get a job in a federal government ministry.

You can read some more of his fucked and wrong opinions on what constitutes torture here:

Sleep deprivation is torture: Amnesty - Yahoo!7 News

Honestly, why Amnesty doesn't post his membership fee back to him is beyond me.

Not long after that, Amnesty came out with this. Major General Bill Crews - not this Bill Crews - who is the national president of the RSL - represents quite a few members who received precisely this torture at the hands of the Japanese in World War II.

I bet they're thrilled to hear the comments that their membership subs have bought them. Read them here:

Amnesty rejects Ruddock's view of sleep deprivation - Yahoo!7 News


Anonymous said...

Ruddock is a definately a waste of space and perhaps even oxygen.

As a shift worker Dikkii, I can tell you from experience that sleep deprivation is indeed cruel and inhumane...:(

Mind you, we've been getting a bit of our own back on night shift lately...:)

Dikkii said...

Good to see that night shift is not too bad for you.

I'm not game to ask what it is that you do, though Ted.

In my experience, I'll just walk away disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm nothing special, I'm a nerd. Hope I didn't disappoint you to much...:-)

Watching computers do their thing just isn't as exiting these days as it used to be 20 years ago. I do it for a pay-tv company too, so I also get to see some of the most astounding crap you're ever likely to see on TV...