28 January 2007

The Sylvia "Carnie" Browne Carnival

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

Sylvia Browne is the most evil purveyor of woo ever.

She's also close to being the most evil person on the planet, full stop.

Over the past few days, there has been a lot of interest over at The Two Percent Company in a particular post they did on Sylvia Browne in August of last year. Suddenly their readership skyrocketed and comments on this particular thread went through the roof.

Apparently, this was down to a link that AOL put through to them, it would appear, randomly. Has Browne been in the news recently?

They're still having problems keeping on top of the sheer volume of comments that are being posted - but fortunately, they're getting assistance from Tom Foss, Rockstar Ryan and Bronze Dog.

It's worth having a read through the comments - the sheer inanity of some of the commenters has to be re-read to fully appreciate, but let's never get complacent about this: there are a lot of gullible and credulous people out there. And there are a lot of unscrupulous people like Browne who stand to profit out of these poor suckers.

So after this, I go over to Ted's Stuff - which, by the way, has been re-named Plonka's Blog - to see that he has posted a very insightful post of his own on this very matter.

He asks the question

"So, you tell me, genuine psychic or complete fraud?"

And of course, I will always answer that I will prefer to describe Browne as a complete DISGRACE!!!

Skeptico has a go at Randi's current SWIFT commentary (to follow) where Randi appears to drop the ball after Browne makes a comment about "a James Randi negating every aspect of their work".

Worth reading the comments for this one.

Next stop is Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy blog, which is currently documenting an online petition that has been started to get Sylvia Browne to stop cowardly weasling out of the Randi challenge.

Lordy! She must be rich enough by now to admit to the world that she simply can't do it.

Lastly, in James Randi's latest SWIFT commentary from the JREF, he devotes this special edition to a transcript of a session involving Browne and one of her clients. This is very revealing and I cannot believe that people fall for the stage-act that is this woman.

Folks, if I wasn't convinced before (which I was, but hey!) I certainly am now. Browne is the both the most evil purveyor of woo ever and a complete DISGRACE!!!

She should be in gaol. Immediately.

Is there any that I've missed that are current? I'm thinking of making this post ACTIVE for a short period to ensure that I pick all these up.

Never a shortage of embarrassing stories where Browne is concerned.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dikkii,

Thanks for the link. I'm not just in good company, but the best...:)

You're right of course, "the most evil purveyor of woo ever!" I didn't think she'd ever take that title from John Edwards, but there you go...

Dikkii said...

No worries, Ted.

John Edwards star is waning, I think. Having said that, it's worth looking at him in a bit more detail as well.

Although most attention is on Browne at the moment.