26 March 2007

Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz

I had to clean my monitor today, after the mouthful of tea that I was drinking was spat out all over it.

This was what I was reading.

(Thank you Kathryn.)



Michael Bains said...

Hmm.. Haven't hummed many Cro-Magnon skinning chants lately.

I love the ending Intonation!

Dikkii said...

I loved the bit about making it sound like a dirigible.

This was gold.

Anonymous said...

Cro-Magnon? How would he know?

But I like "bow real fast slippage may occur"...:)

KitKat said...

Release the penguins!!!

I'm pretty happy I made you spit your tea, Dikkii.

Dikkii said...

Yeah, I bet you are, Kathryn, you evil woman.

KitKat said...

nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Nicholas Inglis said...

788 beats per minute, skip bar, slovenly,flatly,release the peguines

sounds like our band!

Dikkii said...

I'm going to have to accelerate my savings plan, aren't I?