16 July 2007


Sometimes Blogger does the most infuriating things to me. And there really isn't much I can do to fix it at the moment.

At the moment, I have an expandable post hack in most (but not all) of my posts which is supposed to allow readers to click on the link "There's more of this diatribe here..." which should, theoretically, allow people to expand a post if they want to read more of it. It ain't working folks. If it pops up in this post (I didn't put it there) you'll need to click on the post heading to see more of the post instead.

It is driving me nuts. Don't know when I can fix it either, 'cause our net connection at home is not happening due to us changing ISPs.

Edit 17/07/2007: Thanks to this fix at Hackosphere, all is good again. I feel better now.


Greg said...

Ramani (from Hackosphere) certainly knows his stuff. Not to blow my own horn, but if it's blog hacks you're after, check out our wiki. Ramani, me and quite a few others have contributed many hacks.

Dikkii said...

Greg, blow your trumpet al you like. Having seen your blog, I have to say that I love your work in this area, and I will be checking out that wiki as soon as I can.

Which is as soon as I get back from holidays.