18 September 2007

Happy blogiversary to me again!

Dear friendly blog readers,

At the start of the year, I celebrated one year since I rejoined the blogosphere.

I'm now going to celebrate an even bigger milestone, chronologically speaking, that is. This month marks ten years since Dikkii's Diatribe originally launched itself on to the net. Without repeating myself too much from my post in January, I began Dikkii's Diatribe out of my ground floor front bedroom in September 1997, not long after getting my first computer and internet access.

After a few days of feeling smug, I printed out a copy of this complaint and pasted it up in the bathroom of my house next to the toilet.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, this is my first post, which I have reproduced here at the new, Blogger facilitated Dikkii's Diatribe.

Lots of stuff has changed since I first started blogging, but in the meantime, a lot of stuff has stayed the same.

And it's somewhat topical that some of my favourite bloggers have started questioning why they started blogging in the first place. One of my favourite bloggers is Bob the Austin Atheist Anonymous who writes an excellent blog called Hot Dogs, Pretzels and Perplexing Questions. He's just retired from the blogosphere.

This immediately prompted his brother Bronze Dog who writes The Bronze Blog (another excellent blog, by the way) to review why it is that he blogs again.

So I thought I'd do a little review myself, and guess what? I'm going to put the broom through here a little bit.

For a long period - in fact, going right back to this blog's inception, this was the spiel that explained my blog:

"This page is an outlet for my own hate-filled vitriol and spiteful opinions. Uneducated as I am in the ways of the world, it's still necessary to vent my spleen at the media, the music industry, the AFL and anyone else who could have offended my sensibilities. I plan for this to be updated occasionally, depending on my state of mind. So you can either look forward to, or avoid my one-sided, uninformed and dangerously unbalanced opinions on the state of the world and everyone in it."

I'm dumping this. Not because it's inaccurate, but because I do other stuff on this blog, now.

So what is Dikkii's Diatribe about?

1. Woo.

I have a particular fascination with anything that falls under the umbrella title of "woo", be it the paranormal, pseudoscience, quackery, religion, or anything else that can be so labelled. I tend to also place things like postmodernist/deconstructionist/post structuralist mumbo-jumbo, management doublespeak, legal flummery and quack economics/finance under this umbrella title too.


The ultimate aim of these is to obfuscate and deceive, and it's no different to the mischief of woo merchants such as your John Edwards, Sylvia Brownes and Allison DuBoises.

Fighting these is the least that the world's one and only militant agnostic can do.

2. Politics.

I regard myself as politically, the most average bloke out there. I strive for political mediocrity and normality. I consider myself the yardstick by which everyone else is measured, the social median, if you like.

My economics may be slightly on the right, but my social justice meter counter-balances this by being slightly on the left.

Consequently, I think that there is no better person than myself for pointing out the foibles of the politically conservative or politically progressive.

3. Economics.

I love economics and I have worked in finance for pretty much all my working life.

One of my key complaints about people these days is that they don't see the need to be fiscally literate. This leads people to be exploited financially, so it is my aim to see the balance redressed by providing the odd piece of commentary on economics and finance.

Hopefully in a simple and straightforward fashion.

4. Science.

Science is an area that I wish I knew more about. People appear to only know slightly more about science than what they do about economics, so I'm schooling myself to know more as well.

And along the way, a bit of scientific knowledge helps stave off all sorts of charlatans peddling woo.

5. Law.

The law is an ass.

6. Music.

I love music but hate the music industry. I might just quote TISM here from "Jesus pots the white ball" off their Beasts of Suburban compilation:

"Why play rock and roll? It's a question fundamental
Take Jimbo from The Doors, you'll find which ones incidental
Take the music from the industry, you're left with grasping bankers
Take the industry out of music, you're left with childish wankers"

It says it all.

7. Sport.

I am a spectator. I was routinely bad at sport, but I love to watch it. I also love to watch the sheer amateurism of sporting administrators in professional sport.

I also like to get in any chance I possibly can to poke fun at the Collingwood Football Club and their president, Eddie McGuire. If they win a flag this year, we should all reflect on what we all could have done to prevent this from happening.

So there you go. Over the next few weeks, I'll progressively change the look of my blog to reflect where I'm going with this.

But I'll leave you in the meantime with my blog's new motto, from Public Image Ltd's "Rise":

"Anger is an energy."

Hugs and kisses to all, Dikkii.


Greg said...

Wow - that takes me back. I remember reading your bathroom wall stuff, though it may have been 1998?

In any case, well done on ten years of imposing your views on a largely indifferent public.

Nicole said...

September 1997? That was just as I joined the Cardy denizens. I always thought that it had been around for months and that your previous genius had simply been relegated to the chaos that was that excellent house.

I still have 1-2 of those original loo-postings, safely enclosed in plastic, awaiting eventual rise to fame/infamy. :) Also, I'm too scared to open the envelope. They must be somewhat microbe rich.

Dikkii said...

Thanks for that, Greg.

No one is innocent.

Nicole said...

Oh and as for Wagner, until 2001, his works had not been performed (openly) in Israel for about 50 years. I thought of you when the article came out.


Dikkii said...

Hi morisetn, I didn't realise that it coincided with your arrival in our excellent (out)house.

Can't believe that you kept some of those - probably best that they never come out of the plastic you've safely encased them in.

Dikkii said...

That's interesting about Wagner. I must check it out.

Nicole said...

and congrats dikkii - I've relished your discourse.

Dikkii said...

And a big thank you for reading, o former excellent housemate of mine.

Anonymous said...

I hope it's not too out of line to say that the first few issues of the diatribe made certain movements more pleasant. Back then it had a certain zine quality to it, almost like a rant at a street corner. I miss that. The internet makes things so much less ... textured.

Congrats, and looking forward to the next 10 years.

Dikkii said...

Thanks Taj.

I'd like to recreate the street corner feel again - I think that I had a lot of fun when I was less balanced in my ranting.

And this is supposed to be unbalanced as hell.

Michael Bains said...

I left my innocence in m... hmmm... that'd be a total TMI. Let's just say 'twas gone 'fore I knew what the feck it was, eh.

Happy Ten Years Gone, Dikkii dude!

I missed all your early stuff. Can't wait to see ya go retro.

Dikkii said...

Must say, MB, I know exactly where my innocence left. It was about a month into my first real job.

I really would love to sue to get it back.

Thanks for popping by, MB.

Bob said...

Happy belated blogiversary! I didn't know you had been at it for so long. Anyway, mine is this Friday...

Dikkii said...

Thanks Bob, and a happy blogiversary to you for Friday.

Hopefully, this means that you'll put an extra post up?

Bob said...

I hear music! ROXXORZ!!1!

Anyway, I've taken your advice and re-thought my "retirement." Perhaps I was a bit hasty, to say the very least. Thanks for the encouragement.

Dikkii said...

Yeah, I thought as part of my blog sprucing up I'd add a bit of music for all to listen to. Not all of it is going to be to everyone's taste, though.

Great to hear that you're not retiring fully just yet. Bring on your blogiversary.

Unknown said...

Happy blogiversary!

Dikkii said...

Thanks OG.