31 January 2008

Dog's Breakfast

Please excuse the state of my blog.

It's a mess, I know, but I'm fixing it.

I'll have it looking shipshape in a couple of days. Apologies all.


KitKat said...

BTW, I hear congratulations are in order, Blog-wise... Surprised we haven't heard officially yet...

Plonka said...


And what's this about congradulations?

Dikkii said...

Thanks for the congrats, KitKat, but I'm not yet sure if it's really a big deal.

Rest assured, I am working on a self-congratulatory post to celebrate, but I've been more concerned with fixing this one up first.

Cheers, Plonka, although it may be considered somewhat bright, I'll get round to the congratulations thing, although, as I said, I'm not sure if it's anything major.