27 December 2006

Happy new 1 January

A big happy Hogmanay to all of you who regularly read my blog. And everyone else too.

I like to bore the pants off anyone who'll listen at this time of year with my one and only claim to fame - that my great-great-great-great-great-great-grand uncle wrote the words to that old ditty, 'Auld Lang Syne'.

I usually like to award a 'bloke of the year' award at this point, but to be frank, there's really no one who warrants this.

So instead, let me present my own choice of a top ten posts for the year:

10. The 2006 Golden Bull Awards, or, Germaine Greer on the defensive

9. Whatever happened to sportsmanship?

8. Why AMP got busted

7. How, exactly, does prayer work?

6. What the hell is wrong with financial planning? (Part 1)

5. No leads, chief, but I know this medium...

4. Kylie meets Hutch (Kylie the showgirl princess? - Part three)

3. Scrapping Superannuation - An "Argument" For

2. A Slight Case of Overbombing Part 3 – Why people do not choose to be gay.

And, drum roll, number 1 is:

1. Has Israel finally gone too far?

Hope you all have a lovely 2007.


Anonymous said...

And a "Happy New Year" to you too Dikkii...:)

Dikkii said...

Thanks Ted.

Happy New Year.

Michael Bains said...

HNY Dikkii!

Have fun "escaping reality". {-;

Dikkii said...

Thanks MB.

HNY and "reality"?? Who need's it?