31 December 2007

Roll on 2008

Happy new month or whatever to all of you, and if you're reading, Romulus, a Happy Hogmanay to you.

Last year, I celebrated by doing a greatest hits post of sorts, and I'm not going to show any original flair by changing that for this year.

And this year has been a big one for Dikkii's Diatribe - cracking the ten year mark is one mean feat. Even if I do say so myself.

So here goes - my greatest hits for 2007:

12. The Ghost glides by, hitting everything in his path

11. New word: "Biopiracy"

10. The Big Day Sell Out

9. Where Dikkii cracks the sads with "Generation Y"

8. The day the music industry died

7. Why woo merchants cannot be trusted

6. Great debacles of our time: The great mezzanine financing collapse (part 1)

5. The meaning of life

4. Great debacles of our time: The failed Qantas takeover

3. The sad tale of Jacques Benveniste

2. Why did you end up agnostic? (Part 3)

So a quick bit of suspense, open the envelope and here is number one. But wait: there's two! It's a good thing that the number zero exists:

1. Filthy, rotten lies

0. Pure, teeth-clenching evil

Please all have a great 2008.


Dikkii said...

Timothy, you're a dull boy. And a spammer to boot. But I'm leaving your spam there as a reminder to myself to do that post about leaps of fatih and presumption. And I'm feeling charitable, too.

Plonka said...


And I'm feeling charitable, too.

Well obviously..:)

There's some great stuff there Dikki, no doubt about it. A good year all round for the Diatribe I think.

Hope it's a good one Dikkii, at least as good as 1993...

Dikkii said...

Thanks Plonka, and to you too. Although, one would hope that in your case you won't need the mind-altering substances to emulate 1982 again.

Party on.

Michael Bains said...

Hmmm... Moderate usage of mind alterators definitely has its place, eh.

Yo and a Happy New Year to ya, Dikkii! I'll be back to catch teh hekk up on that top 10 list soonish.

Peace & Thrills!

Dikkii said...

And a happy new year to you too, MB.

Hope all is good in your neck of the woods - judging by the photos on yr blog I'd say she is.