Comments policy

Feel free to leave a comment.  Or not.  It's all good.

I will delete spam.  I may possibly delete the odd bit of hate-speech.  I reserve the right to moderate comments in the future, or publicly ridicule anything I deem to be idiotic.

There is no such thing as free speech, nor is such a thing even remotely possible.  Be prepared to hear this from me, if I do something about a comment that you've left and you think that it's unfair.  Be prepared to hear me guffawing if you bleat anything about free(dom of) speech.

I will try to be consistent.  I will try to be transparent.  But be aware that I not only reserve the right to inconsistency and opacity regarding decisions around comments left at this blog, I also reserve the right to simply boot you off for no apparent reason at all.  I will generally try to be polite.

Lastly, my past decisions should not be considered precedents of any sort.  If you try the "you did that with his comment," line with me, be prepared for me to give you very short shrift indeed.