Because I work in the financial services industry, and because I occasionally post financial stuff, it is necessary to post this warning.  Please read it - it's not just to protect me, it is also designed to let you know some pretty important stuff.  More important than the rest of this blog, I occasionally think.

Financial "advice" warning

I am neither licensed nor authorised to provide financial advice, and comments made on this blog are general in nature only.

You should assess for yourself whether anything discussed in here is appropriate to you, although I would suggest that you get personal advice from a competent, fee-for-service financial adviser.

And you should, under no circumstances, do anything investment related until you have read an appropriate Product Disclosure Statement.

I simply will not accept responsibility for any investment decisions made impulsively after reading any of this blog.  It would be outrageous if I accepted responsibility and it would be ludicrous for anyone to suggest that I actually was responsible.

Other "advice" warning(s)

I'm also not a lawyer, not an accountant.  Or a butcher, baker, candlestick-maker or anything else, for that matter. It is therefore ridiculous for you to accept any of what is written at this blog as any other kind of advice, and would be disgraceful if you were to attempt to pin blame on me for relying on any information I've written.

Please work to stamp out idiotic warnings such as these by writing to your member of parliament to demand tort law reform.

Conflicts of interest

I work in the superannuation industry. This, naturally, means that I will display a very strong bias in favour of superannuation as a concessionally-taxed tax environment for retirement savings as opposed to other mechanisms. Those who know me would also know that I work for an industry body-slash-professional association that services the superannuation industry.

My views at this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer although it would be pretty bold for me to say I wasn't influenced.

Some employers (not mine) would possibly even insist on vetting the contents of an employee's blog if he/she posts stuff on the business that they're in, regardless of whether its a work blog or not.  Please assist to stamp out this frankly jawdropping interference in employees' private lives by writing to your MP and demand that employees' rights be enshrined in industrial relations law.