29 October 2007

Firing up for Kevin 07 Election 07

Those of you who read this blog from Australia will already be aware that the next Federal Election has been called, and has been set down for Saturday 24th November. I will be leaving it a little bit longer before I do my traditional election round-up, but I did want to draw your attention to the poll facility that I have set up over in my sidebar.

It doesn't tell me how you voted or when, so feel free to go and register your vote, safe in the knowledge that I don't know what you selected. I have two polls to choose from:

1. Who do you think will win the election; and
2. Who would you like to see win the election.

You'll notice that for the first poll, I've only put the political parties with a realistic chance of winning in. OK, the National Party will rule in a coalition if the government wins, but for the purposes of the second poll, I'm talking about winning a majority outright.

And if the Greens or the Democrats win, I reckon that either would have a fair shake at winning the James Randi Educational Foundation's USD $1 million prize, because there would have to be something paranormal about this, based on the probabilities involved.

I may have stuffed up the first one by not specifying Liberal/National, but you knew what I meant (I hope).


Greg said...

Or, if you like internet-poll-driven democracy, start voting for Senator Online - the new approach to politicking.

Throw in legislative wikis and we could be seeing the start of seriously disruptive political practices.

Or not. Both initiatives smack of gimmick. But then, people said that when we gave women the vote, so who knows?

Dikkii said...

Yeah, I had a very brief look at Senator online. It's interesting.

But look, IMHO, internet democracy is something that can only last as long as the moderator allows it to. And if there is an agenda involved, I have to put my cynical hat on and say, I don't really have great hopes for it.

But I'm welcome to being proved wrong.