28 May 2006

35th Skeptics’ Circle

Skeptico (or is it "Skeptico"?) is hosting the 35th Skeptics Circle.

And it is a corker.

Of particular interest to me was one blogger, Einzige's review of a Real Estate Guru (now there's an overused term) named John Burley.

Apparently Burley's investment "tips" read a little like a horoscope.

Not enough financial stuff gets a skeptical eye cast over it, so kudos to Einzige.

Elsewhere, this a bumper read with all sorts of stuff for everyone.

Read it here:

Skeptico: 35th Skeptics’ Circle by a guest blogger


Einzige said...

Thanks for the kudos!

Burley travels to Australia and New Zealand frequently, so I'm glad to be getting readers from down under.

Dikkii said...

Hi Einzige,

Thanks for visiting. Burley comes here lots, you say?

Hmm, I'll have to look that up.