10 August 2006

40th Skeptics' Circle

Some excellent reading here, this fortnight.

There are interesting things to being a bloke.

One of these things is that mention of "colon" is guaranteed to raise a smirk.

That's why my favourite this time around has been Orac's Your Friday Dose of Woo: Would you like a liver flush with that colon cleanse?

Brilliant stuff.

As always, tonnes of stuff for everyone.

Read it here:

Daylight Atheism » The 40th Skeptics' Circle


Anonymous said...

All those years of Dikkii's Diatribe pasted up next to the dunny - I forgot how important it was to my life and sense of well-being. Since we don't share a dunny any more I guess this is the best way for us expat to experience it.

Drop me a line sometime.

Anonymous said...

I still have an original dunny-diatribe for all those interested. It's a little torn up around the edges but essence has not been diluted. It lives with Brendan's old homemade cookbook and a photo of the old kitchen with the construction sign. (Nicole)

Dikkii said...

Well, put a beer in my hand and call me alcoholic, if it isn't my old housemates, Nicole and Taj.

Fantastic to hear from the pair of you.

Cannot believe you have Brendan's old cookbook, either. Cinders the cat is still alive and kicking.

Actually, if you're looking to re-visit some mega old stuff, I re-posted the old Diatribes up here.

I must send an email - Nicole I don't appear to have yours here - if you're reading this, mine is dikkiiwebb at yahoo dot com dot au.

Or I'll just get Taj to forward it on to you.

How the hell did you find my blog?