21 December 2006

What is written on page 123?

OK. This is an "internet meme" (I hate this word - it's sooooooooooooooo pretentious) from Beep! Beep! It's Me.

Beep was tagged by Silly Humans, another excellent blog, by the way, but I thought I'd join in.

I think this one has the potential to be quite interesting.

Beep's post is here.

Silly Humans post is here.

The "meme" (someone come up with a different word, please. In-joke is good. Fad is better) goes a little bit like this:

  • The rules:-
  • Find the nearest book.-
  • Name the book and the author.-
  • Turn to page 123.-
  • Go to the fifth sentence on the page.-
  • Copy out the next three sentences and post to your blog.-
  • Tag three more folks.

So how did I do?

Well, the book I had nearest me is one called "One No, Many Yeses" by a guy named Paul Kingsnorth.

"Not alone in their outrage or their resistance. Not alone in the growing realisation that economic, not just political independence is something to be fought for. That fight has begun, and it doesn't look like stopping any time soon."

I'm glad it stops there:

  • A - one more sentence and we would have got to the end of the chapter.
  • B - do you know how frightfully embarrassing it is for a small-a anarcho-capitalist to be quoting an anti-globalisation book?

Anyway, I'm tagging Adam, Einzige and Ted Plonka, next.

Have fun, y'all.

UPDATE: Well, I can't tag Einzige just yet. For some reason, those of us in the "New Blogger" (it's a Beta no longer) can't post comments at those in the "Old Blogger" unless we go anonymous. Thanks Google.


beepbeepitsme said...

I have been having similar problems trying to post from the old blogger, which my blog still is, to the new blogger.

Sheesh - it is annoying.

And I haven't been brave enough to switch to the new blogger yet - maybe after "merry mithras."

Anonymous said...

No worries Dikkii. I'll have to get to it later on though, I have to go visit mum first. Yep, she's doing ok, it's just taking time...:)

Re: Beep

I always have to refresh your page to get the latest article and up to date comment counts and it takes an age to load compared to Dikkii's too. I was thinking of moving over here for the ability to use tags in comments...

Michael Bains said...

Dikkii! I'm LMAO reading your post. Always seems to happen reading your stuff. Thanks!

And thanks for the linkage too, eh.

Talk about annoying; I use Google's GMail and have both an Old and a New Blogger blog. The second created to mess with Beta to see if I wanted to convert the first.

Well, (sheesh! is right, btw) for who knows what reason(s), I often have no problems posting on on new Blogs, or is it Old Blogs... Ahhh... forget it. lol

Stuff's a mess.

Right now, I think it thinks I'm logged in as my New Account. I don't know... Gonna check to which profile it goes once I'm done commenting. Assuming it lets me!

OK. I TRIPLE checked that I'd typed the write letters for the wordver, and it still wants another go.

What Ever. {-;

Michael Bains said...

Yep. Logged in as new.

BTW (again!) I just call it Tag, cuz I don't see what the hekk it has to do with memes. A mnemonic device to remember something ummm... I forget where I was goin' with that.



Anonymous said...

Done and Dusted Dikkii...:)

Einzige said...

Can I still consider myself tagged?

I'm at work right now, and the nearest book is "Using HTML". Do you really want me to make that one my selection?

Dikkii said...

Hi Beep,

I actually found the shift to "New Blogger" was easier than I thought.

I had to fix up a few things, but it wasn't too bad, largely. This comments thing has only come up since it left the Beta phase.

My suggestion is to save all the HTML you want to keep in chunks. This will make it so much easier when you switch over.


You did well getting yours out there when you did. Good to hear your mum is doing ok.

And I had you pegged as being into medieval history, actually. Good post.

Hi MB and thanks for dropping by.

That character recognition in the New Blogger is pretty niggly. I think it has a time limit for keying in and then makes you do it again. Mind you, I've only had comments spam once.

But on the whole, I'm pleased that I switched over - in the end the drop down menus in the archiving of old posts is a winner for me, and I like the drag and drop page formatting.

When it works.


Yes, you may consider yourself tagged, but I suggest you come home first before attempting the page 123 task. An HTML textbook would be grossly uninteresting.