16 February 2007

54th Skeptics' Circle

Well, Action Skeptics has the 54th Skeptics' Circle up and there is heaps of good reading here.

Top of the list was a really good one from Moonflake, titled Midweek Cuckoo: How to spot a cuckoo.

This had me in stitches.

Other than that, Aurora Walking Vacation had a good one on homeopathy that had my full attention. I must blog about homeopathy at some stage - it's the silliest altie remedy there is.

Great reading for all the family.

Read it here.


Call me Paul said...

Hey, thanks for the link.

Plonka said...

Thanks for the link Dikkii.

I have to admit, I've been thinking about doing something on homeopathy myself. But then I thought I'd start with astrology. I find it interesting that due to precession, the zodiac has slipped by a whole star sign, but no-one seems to have noticed...:)

Oh BTW. I thought I'd create a blog over here. The verification thingy's playing up again...

Dikkii said...

G'day Paul,

Thanks for popping by.

Ted. Nothing wrong with astrology. Except that it's woo. Which makes it bad.

Ha ha, the zodiac has slipped by a whole star sign. Just waiting for someone to say to me that they're an Ophiuchus, but it won't happen.

Astrologers never look at the stars anyway. Otherwise they'd notice that the sun isn't really in Pisces at the moment.

Sing out if you need a hand moving your blog over - but I'm sure you'll be fine. Blogger's pretty easy to use.