12 August 2007

RRR Radiothon 2007

Once again folks, it's time for you all to pledge your allegiance to the RRRs.

Triple R has to be one of the coolest radio stations in the world. Not only do they sound like that expression that pirates make but they have an incredibly interesting schedule to boot.

In addition to that, 3RRR is not funded by advertising.

That's right. There's none of this rubbish where announcers are carpeted for saying something that disagrees with a sponsor's message, or where an advertiser gets light treatment from the news desk just because they pay for advertising frequently.

No that's right. 3RRR is owned and paid for by its listeners. And there are arguments that suggest that it might possibly be the most successful public radio station in the world, however we'll never know, given that 3RRR doesn't subscribe to any ratings monitors.

Anyway, don't take my word for it, listen in here.

You can subscribe here.

And if 3RRR is not your cup of tea, we're fortunate in my town of Melbourne to have a veritable cornucopia of public radio stations to choose from. Here are but some:



KitKat said...

Did it yesterday.

But they mispronounced my name on air! Twice!

Dikkii said...

Well, if you didn't spell your last name in such a frigged way...

Joking of course.

Actually JVG read mine and Lou's out on air yesterday and appeared to take great joy in doing so.

Yes, we re-subscribed.

KitKat said...

They didn't manage to say the "s" on the end of my surname either time!

Dikkii said...

You might wanna check to see that they spelt it correctly on your paperwork.