19 September 2007

So bad it might be good

We all love a good disaster flick.

Sometimes we just want to watch because even though we're grossed out by it, we're still fascinated and often, we just cannot turn away.

Some of you might know, or have guessed that I will simply run a mile in order to avoid watching Australian Idol. I simply despise most of it, and it's frightfully hard for me to watch.

If I'm not cringing in embarrassment for these talentless kids, I'm complaining about the two vacuous hosts, and a particular judge who has been disqualified by Ralph magazine from ever winning their prestigious (if dishonourable) "Wanker of the Year" award again, because he's won it too many times.

I can physically feel my brain shrinking whenever I watch this show.

But last Sunday night's show was apparently bad enough for me to describe it as a DISGRACE!!!™. I'm reliably informed that it was so bad that Channel Ten are looking at axing the show altogether. It's apparently one of those historical moments you will be able to say to your grandkids in years to come, "I saw that. It was terrible."

It was Rock night.

Yeah, OK. It's a no brainer to turn to me and say, "Dikkii. You know that teenyboppers do not rock. Der." I know this. However, I'm just curious as to exactly how bad it was. I will be patrolling YouTube this evening when I get home from work trying to find bits of this disaster to watch.

In the meantime, here's the show reviewed with extreme prejudice here at Bland Canyon, where our intrepid blogger concludes that:

"The best performance of the night comes from a singing germ on the Domestos

Yes, when a 3D germ that sings about vomit is the most entertaining part
of the evening, it's fair to say our final 11 is perhaps less talented than we
originally thought. But hey, we're stuck with them now so let's just sit back
and enjoy the bloodbath, shall we?"

I might also add that based on the selection of tunes here, today's young kids wouldn't know rock if it woke them up with capsicum spray.

This episode might join the rarified air currently holding Peter Jackson's first three movies, Vietnamese neon loungeroom Buddhist shrines and the infamous Hello Kitty "neck massager" as being examples of things that are so bad they're totally excellent.


KitKat said...

I can't even bring myself to watch it for disaster value. It would just be time out of my life that I'd never get back.

Dikkii said...

I did end up having a quick look.

It's a good thing that there's a fast forward/rewind slider on YouTube because you only need a few seconds of each to get the gist of each performance. Consequently, without the ads and most of the songs and the hosts' banter, I was able to get through the whole show in about a quarter of an hour.

I did get some sadistic satisfaction out of seeing the caning that the judges (even Marcia) handed out to some of them. I still think that Mark Holden and Kyle Sandilands are two of the worst blokes alive.

But my overall verdict is that this episode (apart from a few terrifyingly low points - the cover of Supertramp's "The Logical Song" was one, Coldplay's "Clocks" was another) was fair to middling, and not quite bad enough to be regarded as "legendary" incompetence.