22 October 2007

A Mercy Killing

Even though the poll still has four days to go, I am aware that the answer "yes" to the question, "Should I disable the auto-play function on my Last.fm widget" is clearly going to romp it in.

Therefore, I'm deeming it unethical to continue the poll and I will be disabling auto-play forthwith.

And I might just go on the record to say that I'm not happy with any of you who voted "yes".

Edit 22/10/2007: I would be disabling it forthwith, except for the fact that this stupid browser (IE7) won't allow me to fix it. I'll do it when I get home and can use Firefox.

Edit 22/10/2007: Done.


Anonymous said...

yeah. It blows. Death to anything that thinks it knows what music I want to listen to right now.

Dikkii said...

So I take it that you voted "yes" then, did you, Ross?

Michael Bains said...

I suffered long and horribly - it was agaonizin' I tells ya! - but finally voted "Yes".

IE7 blows! Long Live Firefox!

err... the Franz Ferdinand rocks, eh.


Dikkii said...

Thanks MB. And agree with your Franz Ferdinand sentiments. And the Firefox one.

The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...

Honestly, I haven't checked in recently (Many Apologies!), so I was unaware of a poll.

But I will admit to the fact that one of the last times I did check in, the autoplay thingie scared the absolute shit out of me.

See, I'd been bumping some Parliament an hour or so earlier and dancing like a moron to entertain a lady-friend. Thus, after turning off the music, I neglected to adjust the volume for future use.

Later on, a few seconds after loading up the Diatribe, "Wham!" Not the George Michael band (Thank Mithras), but loud-ass music that, for a brief moment, damaged my fragile senses.

I'm all for the playlists and such, and I'm always interested in what other people are listening to, but the autoplay thing in general has always been, for me, more of an annoyance than anything, mostly because, nine times out of ten, I'm already listening to music when I'm on the computer.

I like the Last FM concept, though, and I like that I can listen to cool shit I might never have heard of recommended by people with good taste in such things, but I would've voted "Yea" to disabling the autoplay. I had to do the same thing on my Myspace page because "Leeches" by In Flames was frightening my "friends."

Dikkii said...

Point taken, Jenner, and I've had it changed in MySpace as well.

Sigh. Teh interwebs just isn't audio friendly.