02 November 2007

Pareidolia and The Chaser

We all love pareidolia.

Whether it be the Virgin Mary in tea leaves, or a Jesus piss stain on the wall of an alleyway, the very idea that a random colouring somewhere will look like a bearded person (Christ) or a non-bearded person (Mary) seems to confirm that old chestnut about a billion monkeys bashing away on typewriters.

I've often wondered why it's never Vishnu, or or the Jade Emperor.

Anyway, the Chaser boys had a crack at pareidolia on Wednesday night.

It's tasteless, cynical and of course, you have to love it.


Plonka said...

Hehehe... That was terrible...:)

Dikkii said...

I thought that it was great. But terrible at the same time.

Plonka said...

That's why I was laughing, but that's The Chaser...:)

Plonka said...

You know how you've been trying to get me off my backside and write something? Well now you have to read it...:)

Dikkii said...

Good work, Plonka.

I'm there.