04 December 2007

Two very Grey questions

Is it just me, or is Meredith Grey the most annoying character on TV?

And, I know I'm not American, but would anyone in their right minds really come up with the nickname "McDreamy" for anyone?

Totally gay in the primary school sense of the word.


Plonka said...

Meredith Grey is a character on TV? That proves it. You learn something new every day...:)

Might I suggest that if she annoys you that much, read a book instead? Sorry, I couldn't resist...:)

Sorry for the slow responses Dikkii, I've been absorbed in Scientology so I can give it the full vent it deserves. Those guys are crazier than I thought, which I didn't think was possible.

Dikkii said...

Man, you're doing Scientology?

I can hardly wait. And for the record, I don't normally watch TV at that time. Let alone Grey's Anatomy.

But Ms Dikkii was watching and I caught 5 minutes.

Plonka said...

Well I wouldn't say I'm "doing" it, per se, but reading a lot, yes.

I don't normally watch TV at that time. Let alone Grey's Anatomy.

Lol. I could hear my mum's voice, clear as a bell saying "read a book instead!" and just couldn't resist...:)

Don said...

My girlfriend used to watch that awful show and everytime she did I would call her a moron for about ten minutes until she threatened to stab me and I went and played video games.

Eventually she realized how awful it was. It's like an hour-long episode of Scrubs written for girly girls and with all the funny bits cut out.

And no, no American in his or her right mind would call anything McAnything (unless they were being ironic or work for McDonalds Corporation).

Dikkii said...

Well thank goodness for that, Akusai.

I have a visible smirk on my face at the McDonalds reference - it reminds me of a panel from Mad Magazine from when I was younger and someone complained about the McVomit on the McFloor.

Which is my thoughts about this stupid television show.

You're right. Scrubs is way better.