04 February 2008

Crazy nutbars

As expected, Fred Phelps and co from the Westboro Baptist Church are out to show the world how it is great to be bigoted morons.

I just like the fact that because the funeral is in Australia it makes things very unlikely that Phelps and his cronies will be able to disrupt it.

So where are those religious moderates and why aren't they speaking out?

(Big thanks to Orac for spotting this piece of trash)


Don said...

So, as a denizen of the country in question, do you figure customs, if properly alerted, would even let the WBC into Australia?

Dikkii said...

I doubt it. They didn't let David Irving in, so I expect that Phelps would be off limits as well.

Having said that, I would be curious to see if all the other congregants of WBC are under surveillance, too. Mind you, I'm sure that the authorities would react to appropriate alerts.

Plonka said...

I doubt they'd let him in. He'd probably get lynched.