05 May 2008

Vale Tokin' Blackman

Tokin' Blackman, better known to his parents as 'James Paull', and confusingly, to fellow members of TISM as 'Jock' (TISM's bassplayer had the pseudonym of 'Jock Cheese') has died of cancer aged 51.

Blackman joined TISM in 1992 in time for them to record their Beasts Of Suburban EP under the pseudonym of 'Tony Coitus', replacing guitarist Leak van Vlalen, who had left the band.

It was for TISM's glory period, if they had one, that Blackman was a member of TISM. After another EP (Australia The Lucky Cunt which was soon retitled Censored Due To Legal Advice) TISM released the album Machiavelli And The Four Seasons which went gold, won an ARIA award for Best Independent Release and included the massive hit '(He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River', which parodied fans' fascination with celebrities who die young.

A follow up record, www.tism.wanker.com also went gold and Blackman was to remain with TISM for the rest of their days and two more albums.

On the website of TISM's management, Smartartists, lead vocalist Ron Hitler-Barassi had this (amongst other things) to say about the death of Blackman:

He always had the licks, just never the poses. James Paull – Jock to
nearly everyone – was one of very few who could say "I spent a year
composing in Amsterdam" and not sound like he was on Radio National.
After a gruelling sound check, having waited patiently for the bass
player to tune, the lead singer to have another fold-back wedge placed,
the keyboardist to not show, and having been told that the rotating
pig-spit (tonight’s gimmick) would mean his guitar amp would have to
practically face the ceiling, he declared, "I sound like I’m playing in
Banjo Land." It stuck. From then on stage-left was Banjo Land.

Banjo Land won't be the only place that misses him.



KitKat said...

Vale Jock Cheese.

Dikkii said...

Actually KitKat, Jock Cheese was TISM's bassplayer. "Jock" was just a nickname that Blackman (TISM's guitarist) had, which was kinda confusing.

Cheese is apparently alive and well.

Unknown said...

Why did he get the nickname Tokin Blackman?