08 May 2006

Vale Grant McLennan

Grant "GW" McLennan, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and effectively half of legendary Australian band The Go-Betweens is dead.

He died in his sleep in his home in Brisbane on Saturday 6 May.

Some said when McLennan and Robert Forster (also guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and effectively the other half) reformed The Go-Betweens at the start of the noughties it wouldn't properly be The Go-Betweens without Amanda Brown, Lindy Morrison, Robert Vickers or John Wilsteed.

Well, the death of GW effectively clinches it. There ain't no way they're re-forming now.

The first time that I heard Cattle and Cane (which is one of my nominations for Aussie-est song ever), my jaw dropped.

It appeared to be in 10/4 for a start.

Also, there was this urgent guitar that drove the song. Not bad considering the fact that the guitar work was acoustic.

I had no idea what McLennan was singing about in this tune - it's one of those dreamy tunes where the words are totally unimportant. Which is the sign of any good tune.

It also had this kind of eerieness to it. Very unusual.

Mind you, the vocal tracks to Go-Betweens tunes were always mixed right down with the other instruments.

It doesn't matter. He will be missed. Rest in Peace.


beepbeepitsme said...

And Mike Carlton.. it was a heartattack kind of day apparently..

Dikkii said...

Yes, McLennan's death has been widely reported as being from a possible heart attack.

But Mike Carlton as well??

For those of us who don't live in Sydney, Carlton was (is?) probably the only talkback radio shock-jock with a brain.

Not dead, I hope?

Dikkii said...

For those reading this who don't know, Richard Carleton also died on the weekend. Also of a heart attack.

He was quite a journalist in his day - although he was much criticised for his bullying persona on 60 Minutes in his latter years.

Beep Beep, you're not confusing our Carl(e)tons at all, are you?