01 June 2006

The Chaser takes the war to religion.

Adam Scanlan's blog Crazy World is one of the most honest blogs I know.

This time around he has included a snippet from The Chaser's War on Everything which is enormously funny - and it has a go at Australia's biggest megachurch, Hillsong.

I can't believe I missed this episode. I love the work of the Chaser/CNNNNN boys. Love it lots.

Anyway, this is a song titled "I Have All Heaven's Riches Thanks To You Stupid Bitches."

Elsewhere in the episode, they set up a stall at a market and peddle all sorts of made up woo.

Cannot believe I missed this one.

Crazy World - The Chaser takes the war to religion. - WhitePage


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug Dikkii; much appreciated.

Did you finally get a broadband connection or did you wait for it to download on dial-up? If so, I'm sure you'd agree, it was worth the wait.

By the way, you can view segments from each show on the War's website:

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they have included the woo segment from last week.

beepbeepitsme said...

"The Chaser" is fantastic! lol

Dikkii said...

Hi Adam,

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I did wait for it to download through dial-up. It was most certainly worth the wait.

Bit of a shame that they didn't include the woo peddlars bit from last week's show - that would have been fantastic.

Hi Beep,

Thanks as always for dropping by. How good is the Chaser?