22 February 2007

60th Carnival Of The Godless

Brent Rasmussen has stuck up the 60th Carnival of the Godless at Unscrewing the Inscrutable.

This is the first blog carnival that I've submitted to and this has come at a surprise to me.

I always thought that I'd turn up at Carnival of Personal Finance or Skeptics' Circle before this one. Oh well.

Paley's Rock is mine.

Elsewhere, there's good reading for all.

Read it here.


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice one Dikkii. It was a good post though...:)

beepbeepitsme said...

I have never thought about contributing to a carnival - I might though. Seems like fun.

Dikkii said...

G'day Ted. Thanks for that. Awfully nice of you to say.

Hi Beep. I'm a little surprised that you of all people haven't submitted to COTG yet. Get to it!!