09 October 2007

Has Kylie Minogue finally been exposed?

So I was reading MX on the way home, as you do, and I came to the bit about the recent Q Awards in Britain.

Ian Brown, former singer in what I regard as one of the greatest bands ever, The Stone Roses, had just received an award. Inexplicably, so too had Kylie Minogue.

Brown allegedly had this to say about Minogue:

"I don't think she's cute. I don't think she's good-looking. Her music's rubbish - she makes music for little kids.

"I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm putting her down, but there's a lot of great minds out there making music and she's not one of them."

This is truly one of those moments where, one would think, that the music media turns and says, "Hey, that kid's right. The Empress truly has no clothes on," before turning on this media darling in a spectacular bloodbath of stinging criticism and unmitigated censure.

Minogue somehow gets away with particularly grievous musical crimes against humanity, and I'm tipping that her next album, due in November, is one of the world's truly memorable musical disasters. Or at least holding my breath.

Incidentally, for the pair of you who regularly read this blog, I do plan to finish off my gratuitous character assassination of Minogue soon. Just getting around to it, is all.


Michael Bains said...

Not that I'd go that far defendin' Minogue (much less spend a penney on one of trainwrecks) but at least she's seriously skanky hot and makes both guys And grrls wanna fuck. THAT sells music And club tickets.

Otherwise, I'm in total agreement.


Oh yah. Wish you'd change your comments to a pop-up box variety. Clickin' to do so stops that totally bitchin' Last-FM widget from playin'. Speakin' of "$$$", I'm now thinkin' of buyin' me some Swervedriver. I'd never heard of 'em before now.

Michael Bains said...

Yikes! Not for $22.25, I'm not!! wtf?

Dikkii said...

I will admit that she is still reasonably hot, MB.

You are absolutely spot on about the pop up window for commments. Consider it done. Must admit, I rather like the Swervedriver, myself. And I like the Last.fm widget - it gives my readers something to listen to if they hang around my blog.

Groovin away to the Hives' "Walk Idiot Walk" as we speak. That main riff is totally excellent.

And $22.25 is not good BUT there are other places where you can get your Swervedriver fix for cheaper. You just have to know where, if you know what I mean, and I know you do.

KitKat said...

Worst thing is, she's going to be in an episode of Doctor Who. Maybe she'll get exterminated by a dalek.

Dikkii said...

We can only live in hope, Kitkat.

Anonymous said...

Jealous much? You resort to character assasination because you will never achieve a fraction of what she has. Millions can't be wrong. Millions.

PS. fuck the stone roses

Dikkii said...

Yawn. You got anything better than an appeals to jealousy and popularity?

Didn't think so. I suppose you think I'm jealous of anyone else who's popular as well? Come back later when you've grown up, you Celine Dion and Andre Rieu fan.