21 November 2007

Tagged again

Folks, Plonka has tagged me. Again.

And, you know, I just have to participate in this one.

So here's the rules:

  1. Describe my earliest memory where the memory is clear, and where "clear" means I can depict at least three details.
  2. Give an estimate of my age at the time.
  3. Tag five other bloggers with this meme.

And so here is a visit to Dikkii-land, circa 1974.

I was with my mother at the local Woolworths supermarket. I can remember a couple of things, but where it was once quite vivid, it's now getting fuzzier and fuzzier.

I can remember looking up at the handle of the supermarket trolley. I can remember the way that particular aisle used to be laid out. And I remember just the bit of that fateful moment when I reached up and pulled down on the handle of the alarmed fire escape in the corner of the supermarket.

I was 2 at the time. Mum remembers it quite well. She says that the alarm was quite loud and she was quite embarrassed. I don't remember the alarm at all.

Strange, because you would expect that this would be the bit that stood out.

So on to tagging five other bloggers with this meme blog tag. It'll be some of the usual bunch, together with some others:

Silly Humans - MB normally loves this sort of stuff, even if it takes him a while.
BeepBeepItsMe - I'll get her blogging again by hook or by crook.
Tales of an Ordinary Girl - OG's blog is cool. I don't read it enough.
Random - An old housemate of mine from the days when we were all innocents.
Contempt - He probably won't respond, but at least I had a go.

And anyone else who wants to respond, feel free. Just let me know when you do.


Michael Bains said...

Oh man!

My first clear memory is SO perved dude. Seriously. I can't blog about it.

Hmmm... I'll go with the next one. It's ... hmmm... not quite so sexual.


Unknown said...

And now I've tagged 5 more. This was a fun one. Thanks for thinking about me!

Dikkii said...

MB, it is not cool to build up those of us who live vicariously through others before shattering our hopes by pulling the rug out from under us so quickly. ;-o

And a big hi to you, OG. I'll be checking out yours shortly.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you don't remember the fire alarm bit because it was too traumatic, but because of the shock of the alarm, you never entirely forgot the events which lead up to it.

Just my 2c; I'm no psychologist as you know. Great story all the same.

Plonka said...

Nice one Dikkii.

Good luck with Beep. I hope she has a go at it and starts serious blogging again...

Dikkii said...

Astria, you could be right. I'm told that shock at such a young age does stuff like this. Your 2c is always welcome here.

And I'm glad that you liked my story.

Thanks Plonka. If I can get Bep blogging again, it would be good.

Plonka said...

If you can get Beep blogging again, you'll be my hero...:)

KitKat said...

Your story is cute, Dikkii. I also read ordinary girl's, and they were nice.

My first vague memory is from when I was 2. We were in Qld visiting family friends, I remember a brown fence, the daughter from the other family, who was a year older than me, and that something dramatic happened. We had been leaning over the fence and she got bitten by a donkey. I don't remember the donkey though.

Clearer memories are of my grand parents when I was 3.
1. "Helping" my grandpa do gardening/landscaping along my parents drive.
2. Lying in the paddling pool with grandpa (and possibly my grandma)
3. Lying on a yellow banana lounge with my grandma.
4. Wanting to have a go when my grandpa was showing my older brothers how to make "roll your owns". I can remember that my hands were so small that I could fit all my fingers along the length of the cigarette paper. I couldn't understand why the tobacco was staying in lumps. My grandpa was a bit frustrated with me but let me have a go.

My grandparents lived in England and this was the only trip my grandpa made to Australia after I was born. He died the next year. Stomach cancer. Too many rollies?

Dikkii said...

KitKat, those are excellent.

It takes me back to when life was so much more "low maintenance".

A bit irresponsible, though that your grandpa was showing you all how to roll your own, though?

KitKat said...

A bit irresponsible, though that your grandpa was showing you all how to roll your own, though?

It was 1975... we didn't know so much then. I think that what I saw as frustration was possibly partly reluctance about me having a go. Not so reluctant showing my brothers, at their advanced ages of 7 and 10...!